Why Pilates?

Where do I start?!

I have participated in many different forms of exercise over the years from team sports, private and group personal training, yoga, walking, jogging and a few things in between….and of course, PILATES 😊

I think every form of exercise has its benefits and we are so blessed to have such an array to choose from. What I particularly love about Pilates, is that it is an exercise practice that absolutely anyone can not only participate in but reap the benefits as well.

With focus on posture, stability, strength, mobilisation, coordination, balance, flexibility….and much more…Pilates is a movement therapy that supports people in daily life and also in whatever other exercise they practice. You will often find dancers, surfers, runners, swimmers, golfers…to name a few…in pilates studios. Why? because pilates programs can be adapted to suit the physical needs of everyone, whether you are a sports professional needing stabilising and strengthening in key areas or just someone who likes to look after their health and wellbeing through movement practices.

Is Pilates suitable for rehabilitation? Remedial – yes absolutely! of course! Pilates is widely accessed by people recovering from injury or conditions and has a wide base of scientific evidence to support its’ effectiveness. That’s how I found Pilates and another reason I love it so much. By teaching people to listen to their bodies, to feel the muscles activating (or not, as is sometimes the case), they become more in tune overall, and this is a fantastic place to heal from. Educating people about the whats, whys and hows, in relation to muscles we are releasing, strengthening and lengthening to support their body whilst it heals or strengthens is an important part of what Pilates practitioners can do. As an Instructor, I get immense satisfaction when I see and hear people so in tune with their bodies!

And of course, I have to throw in the awesome benefit of improved sex life 😊

Pilates has a strong focus on activating and strengthening pelvic floor muscles (both for men and women)….and along with increased blood flow to this area, apparently this can lead to more frequent and intense orgasms (try it out for yourselves pilates peeps!). You will also learn to be more present and focussed throughout your pilates practice and transferring this to the bedroom, can only be a good thing. Improved strength, endurance, flexibility, self confidence…need I say more?!

Pilates classes vary and it is important to find one that is right for you and your needs. Often people are told, go do pilates and off they go to a group class at the gym. Whilst group mat classes have their place and can be lots of fun, they aren’t for everyone, so do your research and find the best fit for you!

So many more reasons why, just ask anyone who does Pilates!

Narelle Jones, Pilates Instructor & Retreat Facilitator



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