Meditation - it's easy right?

Soothing, calming, peaceful, relaxing…frustrating, difficult, annoying, fidgeting….what?

These are some of the ways that we may describe the experience of meditation. If you are in the first group, you may find it hard to understand how anyone could find such a tranquil experience as anything but that….however, whilst we can all enjoy the benefits of effective meditation, the experience of achieving this state of bliss can vary greatly.

Let's explore this a little...


I think getting comfortable is important (of course, this is just my opinion😊). Sitting cross legged with a straight spine and hands resting on knees doesn’t feel wonderful for everyone. Tight hips, knee discomfort, lower back pain are just some of the issues that may prevent this position being comfortable for some people. Why force ourselves into a position if our aim is to meditate and find our quiet space? This simply doesn’t make sense to me! So I say, get comfortable, whatever that is for you. Lie down, stand up, sit on a chair....this is your time, your choice, your experience!

Meditation methods

You can choose from a variety of methods to meditate and you won't find a shortage in easy steps to meditation if you look this up on the internet. Perhaps listening to a guided meditation, using the soothing sounds of another’s voice is the way to your tranquillity. Search up meditation in your App or Google play store or stream on Spotify. Or is your preference to have silence or the peaceful sounds of nature as your background…finding a place amongst the trees, your garden, on the beach, by a waterfall or lying in bed, focussing on your breath or the soothing sounds of nature. Why not give it all a try?

Another practice you may have heard of is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is quite simply being present and aware of your thoughts. Using this in meditation allows you to let your thoughts come and pass through without judgement, just awareness, and gently bringing yourself back to the present moment….you may do this many times throughout your meditation and that is okay. Mindfulness takes the pressure off completely stilling the mind away, as the objective isn’t to have a mind free from thoughts in order to experience the benefits of meditation.

Find a method that works for you and perhaps those feelings of frustration and annoyance may disappear. Get comfortable, find a process that you enjoy, acknowledge that’s its okay if quietening the mind doesn’t work today and try again tomorrow….maybe a different meditative position, location or technique...its okay, no pressure and you have all the time in the world.

If you are able to relax and experience some of the feelings listed at the start of this blog, then research shows that...

this relaxed state can have a positive impact on blood pressure, blood circulation, anxiety and stress levels and generally enhance feelings of well-being.

Those are some awesome reasons to start ‘practicing’ mediation today!

Enjoy guided meditation on our Retreats or simply find a quiet space in our beautiful locations to find your bliss!

Narelle Jones - Pilates Instructor, Retreat Facilitator

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