Massage - more than just muscle release

There’s no doubt that having a massage feels fantastic. However, the benefits extend so much further than the ‘feel good’ aspect. As a health professional, I regularly refer people for massage to relieve physical pain, although I know that they will receive so much more than muscle release when they are in the hands of a caring professional.

Improved posture and functional movement

When our muscles are tight, they restrict our movement. They may be tight for a number of reasons, perhaps overcompensating for underactive muscles or the tight muscles may actually be weak and need to be released and strengthened. Whatever the reason, having muscles that move and flow as they were designed to do, better allows our joints to sit in their proper position and assist our body to move with ease.

Emotional healing – stress and anxiety

Calming atmosphere, comfortable bed, soft towels, tranquil music plus the wonderful hands of a masseuse…ahhh….description of bliss right there! On a physical level, a massage can increase blood flow around the body and has been found to impact positively on peoples’ cortisol levels and enhance the happy hormones in our bodies.

Release muscles and help alleviate aches and pain

Hands up who hasn’t experienced this benefit of a massage! This is probably the number one reason why many people put themselves in the care of a masseuse. Release, release and more release…with regular massage you’ll find that your body’s response improves the more often you go. Like anything, consistency is key with self-care.

Relax and be pampered with a 1 hour massage at our Pilates and Wellness Retreats. This is just one of the many inclusions you can enjoy in your 4 days of focus on your health and wellbeing.

Narelle Jones, Pilates Instructor and Retreat Facilitator


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